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My passion for holistic health was ignited after struggling through my share of health problems, namely digestive issues leading to bloating, constipation and hormonal imbalances.  I was desperately looking for answers on how to heal.
I took the conventional route, attempting to get better with a variety of medication and drugs. I never really got better. Eventually, I decided to heal through nutrition. I got better for a period of time, and then the old ailments returned.
I got back to looking for answers. I wasn’t knowledgeable, looking all over the Internet for resources on finding solutions. I was having more chronic symptoms, and I needed to acknowledge that I had to make a change in both my diet and my lifestyle.
I felt helpless and depressed at one point, looking for help when it wasn’t there. Here in Kuala Lumpur, holistic approaches to healing are way to go until we have the right resources to heal. That is what is lacking here in Malaysia. We don’t have many experts to offer the right advice. It is a relatively new concept. 
By chance, I started seeing a holistic health practitioner who helped me identify and treat the root cause of my health issues; using a “food as medicine” approach. I became so enthralled with everything I was learning that I decided to make a career turn and eventually finding my way to the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.  
I realized that I wanted to get better and to genuinely help people. I wanted to start with my own family, then friends and eventually to the public. Culinary Nutrition offers me valuable knowledge and is an area that is full of untapped potential. One, which I hope to be able to spread its benefits and create more awareness back here.

My Specialities 

Cook It Up Kitchen | Holistic Nutrition Centre | Kuala Lumpur


Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion

Cook It Up Kitchen | Holistic Nutrition Centre | Kuala Lumpur


 Get rid of unwanted toxins from environmental pollutants or excessive consumption of junk, refined and processed foods.

Cook It Up Kitchen | Holistic Nutrition Centre | Kuala Lumpur


A good diet is important for our health and can help us feel our best

Cook It Up Kitchen | Holistic Nutrition Centre | Kuala Lumpur


Delicious inspiration to help you prepare healthy food for you and your family.

Cook It Up Kitchen | Holistic Nutrition Centre | Kuala Lumpur


Meal planning is going to improve your life by saving you time and money while lowering your stress. 

Cook It Up Kitchen | Holistic Nutrition Centre | Kuala Lumpur


Abnormal response to a food triggered by your body's immune system

What Do People Say

Melissa Ng

Cook It Up Kitchen is a little haven of great food and good vibes! It’s a place to come if you want to relax, disconnect, and just treat yourself to fun times and delicious  and nutritious dining

Fauziah Hassan

Nadhrah has changed our way of eating!!! Everyone I cook for feels blessed that I am taking her classes and incorporating all those fabulous recipes and suggestions into our daily lives.

Tracey Jan Francis

Nadhrah teaches that healthy cooking does not need to be a sacrifice of flavor. Her recipes are easy to replicate and the cooking tips are practical. Cook It Up Kitchen is a wonderful resource for everyone who wants to eat better

My Believes

  1. I believe that healthy food should taste as good as it makes you feel, and that eating better WILL make you FEEL different! 

  2. I believe that understanding your body, and knowing how to correctly take care of it, is key to your health and happiness.

  3. I believe every individual is capable of making positive, long lasting changes in their own life. No matter what your story is, change needs to start on the inside before changes are noticed on the outside. 

  4. I believe in putting yourself first. When you love yourself enough to put yourself first, EVERYTHING in your life will benefit and in turn benefit those around you.

Vegan fruit salad with berries and mint

Your HEALTH is the most important thing and as a result of taking care of your health, you are going to improve your: weight, the way you look, have better sleeping patterns, boost your energy levels, improve the overall quality of life, your mood, your sex drive, your hormone levels and everyone around you is also going to be happier


Each person is biochemically unique. What works for one person may not work for another. I look at each person as a whole, focusing not only on nutrition and physical health, but also on emotional, mental and spiritual factors.

My Background

About Me...

Because of my own personal journey, my endless love for research  and  knowledge , I have total confidence in the advice I give to my clients.

I’m Nadhrah, a foodie, Culinary Nutrition Expert and a Pilates instructor.


I love all things wellness-related, be it sports, mindfulness or healthy treats. My love for keeping busy has led me to completing Pre/Post Natal Pilates Instructor Course, CORE Level 1 & 2 Fascia Release, TRX Certified alongside all of my Pilates qualifications!


You could say that I like to take on new challenges quite often. A healthy and mind and body is important to me!

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