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Gut health has been my biggest challenge since 2016. Having the right information is always powerful and if my experience can help anyone to figure out their health issues, I will be the happiest person! To me, the healing power of food is just fascinating. In order to heal, you must first identify the root cause. I learned the keys to an optimal and vibrant gut: a balanced microbiome with beneficial bacteria. 

"When the medics can’t find anything wrong with you, there’s a good chance it’s your diet that’s the problem. And if something is wrong, you have to get to the root cause of the problem"


Prior to enrolling in the Academy of Culinary Nutrition , I had been searching for a program that would educate, helping me to heal and improve my kitchen skills. It wasn't easy to find one that is suitable and fit with my passion. After months of researching, I was thrilled to find Culinary Nutrition Expert Program . Before signing up, I read the Undiet and got even more excited and inspired by the founder - Meghan Telpner who has a passionate approach to food and life.


Cook It Up Kitchen | Holistic Nutrition Centre | Kuala Lumpur


This program is for people who wanted a solid nutrition education with an option on business coaching. There is also an honorary level for the program for anyone who wants the information for personal use. It is a professional certification that teaches nutrition through hands-on experiences. It’s the online cooking school that offers certification in culinary nutrition.


The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is an in-depth professional certification program in culinary nutrition that offers both practical, everyday, natural cooking skills as well as a deeper exploration into the therapeutic properties of the foods we eat and how we prepare them. This program can enhance prior training in natural health, or serve as your first introduction to the field.


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  • Creating custom meal plans for myself and future clients. These are the skills that I learned the most incorporating all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. I learned how to develop meal plans in accordance with various dietary restrictions.

  • Constructing and believing in my food philosophy. I never really thought about it and how much it mattered and reflected on my health journey

  • Deep understanding on the impact of my food choices particularly on my health conditions.

  • Recipe development, modification, and testing

  • Creating a client information package. I learned to research on the conditions, available treatment, healing food and what food to avoid.

  • Learned to create a workshop or class, how to plan and execute it.

  • I learned to create my business, content creation for website or blog and market assessment.

  • I was given a huge access of resources - loads of books and video documentaries


  • Weekly LIVE 1to 1.5 hours classes with Meghan Telpner and guest experts (recorded classes are available)

  • 1 recipe assignment per week (approximately 2-3 recipes) with photos and write up

  • 1 written assignment (e.g. developing food philosophy, meal plans development, workshop proposal)

  • Weekly reading assignments from Undiet Book

  • Weekly pre-recorded video workshop with quiz and handouts

  • A weekly pre-recorded video workshop (ranging from 1.5 to 4+ hours) with handouts and a quiz

  • Home study to be completed by the end of the program, with 3 books to read and review, 3 films to watch and review

This is something that I'm very proud of embarking on. This journey somehow changed my perception about health. Nutrition is not just about eating healthy... It's more about educating yourself with the right knowledge for you to make better food choices. Academy Culinary Nutrition fulfilled my knowledge gap by providing an amazing platform on solid nutrition education
I'm glad I chose to be part of this - not just for my personal gain but I'm hoping to help others too. 
Academy Culinary Nutrition is a great expert community. The endless support from the founder, Meghan Telpner and her team ensures students receive a  wealth of resources and knowledgeable experiences throughout the program.

I did it, so can you!

Cook It Up Kitchen | Holistic Nutrition Centre | Kuala Lumpur
Now I'm a Culinary Nutrition Expert and starting my journey in helping others. I'm so excited and thrilled on my new journey. Do I think if it's worth it ?? A BIG YES! 
This experience and knowledge have not only provided me with a great platform for business, but its also helped me personally with my health recovery. With or without any knowledge in the nutrition field, I guarantee you will learn something here.