Body Reset Smoothies

Body Reset Smoothies


If you are looking to really kick-start your health why not sign up to one of our Body Reset Smoothies Program


Body Reset Smoothies Program is a fantastic way to super charge nutrient intake and supply your body with raw, nutrient-rich smoothies consistently over a period of days. Most of us eat far too much of the wrong kind of foods and drinks, and nowhere near enough fresh fruit and vegetables.


Body Reset Smoothies program allows your digestive system a rest from processing foods or drinks that it might take a while to break down, that you might be intolerant to, or might cause an allergic or acidic reaction when in the body.  These are namely refined sugars, refined carbs, alcohol, caffeine, gluten and diary.  Without having to process these, your body can then digest smoothies in about 15 minutes and focus on ‘detoxing’ your cells.


Package Include:


Working together to define your health goals — and your reasons for choosing a BODY RESET PROGRAM


Customized 7-day smoothies plan (with recipes!)


Nutritional Guides & Shopping List


Continuous follow up access to whatsapp or email